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wThursday, November 03, 2005

FIRST THINGS FIRST: OK, now I'll admit this one caught me off guard. I surfed on over to the website of First Things today. First Things is the highbrow monthly "journal of religion, culture, and public life," founded and overseen by Father Richard John Neuhaus, and edited by former Weekly Standard books editor, Joseph "Jody" Bottum.

The site has lately started a something of a blog, and today Bottum launches into a defense of the literary and legal merits of Lewis "Scooter" Libby:

Scooter Libby is due in court today. I reviewed his novel, The Apprentice, back when the Weekly Standard had just started as a magazine -- an astonishingly delicate book set in Japan in the early twentieth century, first published by the serious literary publisher Graywolf -- and we became friends, meeting in Washington for lunch every so often to talk about books and baseball. I've been too depressed about the whole roiling mess of the Plame Game to read everything about it. Has the New York Times been denounced as much as it deserves for deciding that the chance to get a scalp from the Bush administration is worth betraying its own reporter? Probably not. But someone should be on record saying that it is extremely doubtful a lawyer as smart as Lewis I. Libby would commit perjury in such a visible setting. And somebody should also be on record saying Scooter Libby is a good man who didn't deserve this.

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