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wWednesday, November 16, 2005

HEY ALL YOU WANNABE MEDIA CRITICS: I meant to link yesterday to a comment in a thread over at Reason's blog, but I couldn't figure out how to cut straight to individual comments. But I see that Jesse Walker has reposted it on his own blog, so it's all good. Here are Three Things Anyone Who Wants to Do Media Critisism Should Always Remember, especially in re: the war in Iraq:

1. "Media bias" is usually a euphemism for "insufficient bias in the direction I'd prefer."

2. Never attribute to prejudice what can be explained by inexperience. Most reporters today have never been in the military and are unfamiliar with military jargon and procedures; as a result, they are easily misled by sources with axes to grind, both pro-war and anti-war. (By the same token, most bloggers have no idea how a newspaper works, and are prone to produce similar howlers when they write about the press.)

3. Anyone who thinks the most important news from Iraq involves soldiers helping build schools or infrastructure is deluded. Iraqis can build their own infrastructure. The more important question is the effect the soldiers are having on the folks who want to blow that infrastructure up.

posted by Jeremy at 2:13 PM