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wMonday, January 02, 2006

SAD NEW YEAR: One of the things that I've learned through painful experience is that my sense of things is completely, utterly, massively, and a bunch of other ly's different from the intuitions of most people.

Case in point: the Douglas Coupland quote below. Everyone who has read it and remarked upon it has called it "depressing."


The things I like about it is the honesty. The character has come to a place where he truly knows himself. And he isn't wild about what he sees. He realizes that the important thing to know about the self is that you're not that all important in the larger scheme of things.

And he sees that there is some higher purpose to all this because, well, there must be. Otherwise what's the point?

That seems right to me. So my New Year's resolution is to do a better job of remembering that I qua I do not matter all that much.

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